1) Most Common Defects found in a Home Inspection

    2) Grounding & Bonding

    3) Code Related Issues

    4) Inspecting the Panel

    5) Branch Circuit Inspection

    6) SoP (what we do/don’t do)

    7) Defect vs Recommendation

Ryan Nichols, the electrical instructor at PITI (Professional Inspection Training Institute) in Kansas City and  Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI  (he has been a code certified electrical inspector with BOCA, ICBO and ICC) will lead this portion of the seminar.

Extra Bonus:  Billy Boerner, CMI will do the last hour of the seminar on SEO tips and hints. In the St Louis market Billy built a successful home inspection business from scratch to over 350 inspection a year completely WITHOUT soliciting Realtors using only his internet SEO skills (we intend to do a more intensive class on SEO at a future meeting if we have the interest)

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