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Before you ever recommend us to anyone, there are a few things about the way we do business that you should be aware of …….

The Kansas Association of Residential & Commercial Inspectors (KARCI) is a non-profit, voluntary organization of professional building inspectors. KARCI was established informally in 2004 to help provide ongoing education and training to inspectors and influence un-needed restrictions or regulations promoted by 3rd party special interest groups.


We are not interested in selling the house or commercial building to OUR client. Our job is to perform an unbiased professional inspection of the property that our client wants to buy and provide him or her with a complete, thorough, accurate and unbiased description of the house or commercial building and its systems and their conditions.


We take our time and try to be thorough. We are usually on site for 2-4 hours OR longer on older, larger or problematic homes. On a commercial building we could be there from 3-8 hours depending on the size, type and complexity of the building.


We provide our report to our client 1st, and do not communicate with anyone about the inspection and my observations without the client’s express consent and permission.


Our insurance provider does not allow us to turn utilities on at a property that is winterized OR that someone else has turned off. It will be the sellers, the real estate agents or the client’s responsibility to arrange and ensure that all systems are properly energized and the utilities are on.


Sometimes after an inspection, the people that hired us that we have inspected a property for, decide this is not the one for them, and they don’t want to buy the property. Sometimes they decide to offer less money or request that certain defects be corrected, for them to proceed and buy the property.

We consider that to be their business and not ours. You sell / We inspect!


We do not advise the client whether they should … OR should not … buy a certain property. We simply provide them with our observations and opinion of the property’s condition and let them make an educated decision on their own.


We are not contractors or handymen that do building inspections part-time on the side. We are PROFESSIONAL and Certified Home or Building Inspectors, often with hundreds or thousands of hours of classroom and field training under our belts. We know how to identify and record deficiencies in a structure.


We do not pay money to appear on any of the “Preferred Provider” or “Concierge” lists that clients are sometimes provided with by real estate companies. We believe that a recommendation of our services should be based upon our skills, expertise and our personal merit … not on our willingness to pay a commission OR fee to a 3rd party. We believe that OUR potential clients expect the same thing.


We specialize in being GOOD and THOROUGH, not in how CHEAP we can price our services or how fast we can inspect. We believe that you usually get exactly what you pay for ……. If YOU want quick and cheap, that’s exactly what you get …… Next to Nothing.

A cheap inspection can be the most expensive thing the client ever buys.

If you feel that any of these comments regarding how we perform our job interferes with how you do your business, or is NOT what you expect from an inspector, you will probably want someone other than one of us to refer to the client.

If however, you understand our philosophy and work ethic AND want the very BEST home or commercial inspection for the clients …. Call a KARCI inspector!

We believe that it is in the BEST interests of all of us …. the salespeople, the buyers, the sellers, and the inspectors … that we have this type of understanding before we begin the inspection process.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read This.

Board of Directors.

Dan Bowers

Mitch Harris

Pat Butler

Justin Kurtz

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