About Us.

The Kansas Association of Residential & Commercial Inspectors (KARCI) is a non-profit, voluntary organization of professional building inspectors. KARCI was established informally in 2004 to help provide ongoing education and training to inspectors and influence un-needed restrictions or regulations promoted by 3rd party special interest groups.

Education, Training and Support

KARCI provides an unbiased voice to the public, legislators and the real estate community..

KARCI  provides education, training and support services to its members and the real estate community. KARCI  inspectors typically follow the Code of Ethics (CoE) and Standards of Practice (SoP) of either InterNACHI, ASHI, NAHI, IRC or ASTM, which have been the most well known national inspection SoP, and have been considered the standard of care by the legal profession, the real estate industry and others in the state.

Senior KARCI Inspector Members have successfully passed the comprehensive written Inspection Exams of either InterNACHI, ASHI, NAHI the NHIE or ICC. These exams cover the wide spectrum of systems and components in the construction and maintenance of Residential or Commercial Buildings.

Our goal.

KARCI’s educational goal is to expand the technical knowledge of its members through networking with other professional inspectors and continuing education. Professional KARCI  Inspectors typically complete a minimum 16 hours of continuing education or more annually  if membership in their national association requires this. Educational credits can be obtained through quarterly KARCI educational meetings, chapter meetings of InterNACHI,  ASHI, college seminars, code classes, National or Regional Association seminars and other approved sources. KARCI membership programs encourage sharing experience and knowledge resulting in betterment of the home inspection profession and the consumer public, which it serves.


KARCI wants to unite those engaged in the recognized profession of building inspection for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and related interests.


KARCI has strived to promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the inspection profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of nationally recognized inspection associations or codes past or present.


KARCI joins with the State of Kansas regarding inspection issues by providing a voice, appropriate guidance and forging relationships with government and other agencies in allied professions (i.e., Realtors, Building Trades, Lenders, Consumer Advocacy Groups, etc).


KARCI promotes professional building inspector training in order to continue, sustain and improve the Profession, and to provide a unified voice to the State Legislators, Board of Realtors, and others for Professional Building Inspectors residing or working in Kansas.

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