Fee is $55 for Chapter Members
$75 for Others – Seminar, Lunch, Breaks, Handouts

Home Inspectors Seminar
June 17th, 2023

Social Distancing & Masks Optional

8:30 – 9:00

9:00 – 9:30
New Business / Introductions

9:30 – 11:30
Pool Inspections 101 (Curt Straub)

6 Miles West of I-35 / off I-435 at the Midland Drive Exit
Hampton Inn & Suites
16555 Midland Drive
Shawnee, KS 66217

Call Dan Bowers
(918) 816-0607 (cell)
(816) 455-8787 (off)
Email: theholmescompany@hotmail.com

Curt Straub, President of Aquatic Consultants has been involved in the pool industry since 1962 both as a pool builder and consultant on pool design, etc. He does expert witness and mediation in pool litigations. Curt has also been one of the Board of Directors at the National Spa and Pool Institute.

While swimming pools and spas are more common in areas like California, Texas or Florida, there’s not a state in the USA that doesn’t have them.

No matter where you’re located and no matter what the price range of the homes you inspect are, chances are good that at some point in time you’ll inspect a home with a swimming pool or spa. Even if you EXCLUDE it from your report when you see one, you’ll be glad you set thru this class with Curt.

In most cases, swimming pools and spas go beyond the SoP and scope of a home inspection, BUT clients buying a home that includes a swimming pool or spa often expect their home inspector to at least provide basic information about the pool or spa, even if they end up using a pool inspection company.

Without basic education on them, you could easily overlook important safety features or defects. Besides the pool or spa itself, Curt will cover the basic operation of components and cover safety issues such as fences, gates, locks, covers, safety glass, etc. Most importantly you’ll learn how to report on safety issues and educate your clients about basic defects of their pool or spa.

11:30 – 12:00 / Secure 24 ADT (Zach Blunt)

Zach will discuss the ADT program to help an inspectors new or existing
clients save money on an ADT alarm system and earn a few dollars to boot.

12:30 – 3:00 / Residential Roofing – (Aspen Contracting)

The guest speaker with ASPEN will discuss many residential roofing products we see doing a home inspection like composition, wood shake / shingles, standing seam metal, slate, tile, stone coated metal shingles, … AND the low slope products used on dormers, sunrooms like EPDM, BUR or Modified Bitumen.

Aspen ranks among the best of the best roofing companies nationwide. Their headquarters are located in the Kansas City area but also work in Topeka, Springfield, Columbia, St Louis, Lake Ozarks, Wichita, etc and other local offices nationwide. Licensed and insured, Aspen  Contracting can restore, repair, or build any type damaged roof for residential, new construction, or commercial properties AND if you need help inspecting a difficult residential roof OR a commercial building they can help you inspect it.

This is a great class to increase or to refresh your knowledge about inspecting roofs, flashing, ventilation, proper installation methods, how to meet the minimum inspection SoP of our associations AND how to report on them.They’ll cover…

  1. Nationally Recognized Home Inspection SoP for a Roof Inspection
  2. Common Installation or Defect Problems Seen in a Roof Inspection
  3. The More Likely Moisture Intrusion Areas (flashings, roof protrusions, etc)
  4. Factors Affecting the Performance and Lifespan of a Roof
  5. Types of Roofing Damage (Hail, Weather, Age, Mfg Defects)
  6. Critical Installation Details and Defect Report Recommendations

3:00 – 3:30 / FAQ ……. Questions, Review & Wrap-Up

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