Proper Heating Operation (start-up, run, shut down). Some issues that continually seem to raise questions and wreak havoc among inspectors, buyers, sellers, and Realtors alike include:

(a) when does one of the new furnaces with an inducer fan need a lined chimney;

(b) does seeing a clay tile sticking out of the masonry chimney top mean the chimney is fully lined (if not when should we put in a steel liner kit);

(c) what signs should an inspector look for that might indicate a damaged heat exchanger on the newer 80% or 90% furnaces with their limited access to heat exchangers;

(d) heavy white corrosion at flue joints ….. Why and should it be called out;

(e) what to do with condensate on 90% furnaces in crawlspaces … Will going outside freeze, etc;

(f) home inspectors SoP say do NOT turn on AC’s below 60 or 65 degrees … Talk about this;

(g) how to quickly tell the difference between steam and hot water boiler for new home inspectors;

(h) what boiler issues arise frequently / what controls are mandatory for each type unit;

Heat Pumps                                                                          

To a lot of inspectors, a heat pump is a confusing system. Can the instructor  “desimplify” heat pumps for us. When you leave this class you will know what a heat pump is, how it works, and how to inspect them.

Review of the “Basic Heat Pump – Air Conditioning Cycle”

  1. Providing a “Brief Overview” of What a Heat Pump Does
  2. The Different Heat Pump Cycles
  3. The Different Types of Heat Pumps (air, water, etc)
  4. A Home Inspectors Visual / Operational Inspection of a Heat Pump
  5. Most Common Defects & Amateur Installations

Proper Combustion Air:

  1. Improper Venting, Common Defects & Amateur Installations
  2. Simple method of determining proper C/A (btuh of appliances / 1,000 x 50 = required cubic feet of room the appliances are in …….. Then measure room = HxWxL = cf)
  3. How To Test Appliances for Carbon Monoxide

Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters & Venting:

  1. Brief review of proper installation, operation & how to visually check them


Sewer Line Inspections:

  1. Brief review or demonstration of what it can / can’t do

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