Session #1 is about “CSST Gas Lines & Defects, Safety, etc”

Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning will have one of the gas piping distributors (Mark Baker with Specified Systems, Inc) present an informative class on the use and requirements of CSST …. AND a test at the end will provide Certification as a CSST Inspector.

Session #2: “Construction & Code Defects”  by Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI

This is a very informative PowerPoint Presentation that Dan has done for code inspectors, home builders, Realtors and at Regional & National home inspection seminars. The presentation will show MANY new construction defects that PASSED CODE but DO NOT MEET CODE. We’re not trying to turn you into code inspectors, just to help you recognize and be more aware of some very commonly overlooked building code violations, that can injure the occupants or can be very costly to repair when eventually discovered or that have adverse long range effects on the structure.

As Home Inspectors, we’re told by our “Standards” that we don’t do code inspections. We constantly remind everyone involved in the real estate transaction of this fact, and when asked tell them “that performing a code inspection is the job of their local code enforcement agency – –  not us”.  However, as you are aware when we tell a client that something has been installed wrong or is a safety hazard and ought to be upgraded or modified – we frequently get besieged by buyers, sellers, Realtors and others asking the question: Is that a code requirement??  Most of the things talked about got overlooked or missed by the code inspector and never met code the day they were installed.

Session #3: “ Termites/WDI Inspection” by Stacey Van Houtan, CRI

Stacey has been a licensed WDI inspector in Kansas and Missouri for over 15 years. He has done expert witness in litigation in defense of fellow inspectors. He will discuss the types of  wood destroying insects you would typically encounter in our area; how to recognize their damage; types of treatment; and the licenses needed to do these inspections in our states.

These sessions will provide you the information to help protect yourself, your clients and your business. We will have a Q & A session to wrap things up towards the end…You don’t want to miss it!

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