Session #1 is about “Electrical Defects & Electrical Safety, etc”

The Chapter is proud to have Jason Brozen, Master Electrician at Capitol Electric put on a training seminar for us. Jason has been an electrician for 30 yrs and a Master Electrician for 24 yrs, working with some of the oldest and largest electrical contractors in the KC area like Tann Electric and Teague Electric. Jason has served on the Board of Advisors for Vatterott College, and taught CE classes for KCP&L as well as providing Expert Witness assistance for attorneys in cases of incorrect or faulty wiring  installations and defects, etc. Jason has also been a speaker for other home inspection associations like ASHI at both their annual National Educational Seminars, and at their regional chapter seminars also.

Jason’s class will be discussing Knob & Tube and Aluminum Wiring; Split Buss Panels, proper wiring of Sub-Panels (4-wires, neutral/ground mixed, grounding, etc); proper breaker types for each panel; Problematic Panels like FPE, Zincsco, etc; as well as more common electrical defects. Another VERY important part of Jason’s class will be on SAFETY when doing electrical inspections. Jason himself was victim of an Arc Flash accident several years ago and has some very vivid and terrifying slides of the aftermath of that event.

Session #2: “Legislation & Licensing”

As you are aware, this year home inspectors in BOTH states got slammed with un-needed, un-wanted and burdensome licensing attempts by another profession and in Kansas we had 3-4 inspectors state they represent a state association from Wichita AND that they speak for about 250 inspectors across Kansas and their group wanted licensure in Kansas.  Through hard work and a dedicated effort by some of the more experienced inspectors in InterNACHI, ASHI, the Engineers and with the help of a few sympathetic legislators, etc we got BOTH bills parked or shut down for this year BUT  both Bills will be on top of the legislative agenda for NEXT year’s legislative season and you need to be informed and prepared.

Many newer inspectors have no idea who the special interest groups are (including some home inspector groups themselves), how these groups try to put requirements on US that they themselves don’t have. Many senior inspectors have been instrumental for over 17 yrs fighting off the un-needed licensing attempts by others outside our industry are retiring or stepping down due to age OR health reasons and its vital that the newer inspectors have the knowledge to protect or shape their own profession.

We’re going to explain the history of licensing efforts in Missouri & Kansas; who the special interest groups are; how they’ve used legislators OR legislation to try and control us, shift liability’s and put restrictions onto us that other professions don’t have; what we’ve done to fight this; and steps we’ve taken to help us in the future like incorporating a STATE inspectors association to provide a voice for ALL inspection groups NOT just one. This session will provide you the information to help protect yourself and your business. We will have a Q & A session to wrap things up towards the end…You don’t want to miss it!

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